You are cordially invited to think

Living in an era marked by technological advancement and global progressive westernization, we have been going through a rapid transition regarding our economic and social organization. We witnessed different approaches aiming at having a certain sense of control on the fast-changing events. Expectedly, these structural changes triggered the adoption of new values since people’s view of the world changed accordingly.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Certainly many are familiar with “The Emperor’s new Clothes” written by the Danish author H.C. Andersen, best-known for his fairy tales. Sadly, It is broadly believed that fairy tales are only for children, mainly as a consequence of their naive and primitive narrative.  Well, If you share this view, you will be quite surprised to discover their deeper meaning. Fairy tales, due to their peculiar characteristics, display patterns of human psyche and our collective unconscious. Very subtly, they exhibit archetypal experiences of humanity and communicate numinous and timeless messages to us about the collective psyche.